Minimum nights and minimum preparing time

  • In my point of view there are two main issues not addressed by this app which is a major concern for an hotelier:

    1. If you dont want one stand nights depending on your business that was not planned on the app. I made a patch using the amount to validate the order to be 1.1 times your most expensive room but that is not a good solution and is not the way to it rejecting the order with no advise. Hope this can be taken into consideration for new releases or there is a way to configure this that i have not seen ?

    2. The other issue, arises if you dont want or can not (depending on the property) bookings on the same day. I have not been able to solve this. What are the options ?


  • @faiz Hi. Thank you very much again. I will keep you posted.

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    @maurice Thanks for your suggestion. We will discuss it amongst the team and take the necessary action.
    Also, we have responded to Ical on that topic only.

  • @faiz Hello. Thx again Faiz for your kind disposition. Hoteliers are tired of hangers around the real investments ... Pay a commission to OTA's, and pay for another hanger in between for "updating calendars". What else ?. Your own website, Commissions to Credit Card holders, Google and inside OTA´s "positioning", bla, bla. I think the right way to get a system into hotels is to include such funcionality into yours. That will give you a big deal. Hotels dont want to be Uber drivers paying commissions and commissions for "partners" who are not investing real money, besides the risk of being put in their searchs as how much money you pay them or the risk to get increases on commission of OTA's and Channel Managers at their discretion. Its going nowhere.

    In the meanwhile, I raised another thread just asking info to make a patch to put your system working with ical funcionality while you develop your plans, porgrams and strategy which I will appreciate and is not a big deal. We already have a system which takes care of icals. It is just a matter of knowing exactly which tables and fields are affected on yours to make a cron job to update and make and export and import from the ical system. Thanks again.

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    @maurice Thanks again for your kind vigilance.
    For the calendar, we have this on our roadmap and we are analyzing all the possible options and will select and implement the best and most suitable option to the hotel industry.

    Integrating the OTA platforms into the system, it will be done through a channel manager only. Currently, we are using Myallocator as a solution, but we are also open to other options too.

  • @faiz Thanks again. Abusing of your disposition to consider users allegations, a big missing is the room calendar availabilty for users and the possibility to syncronize with other sites.

    As you may imagine, OTA's will continue to leader the booking until users get smarter and book directly saving commissions at their expense amking them riccher and richer without sense. They are just intermediates which has raised the prices at the cost of the "easy user" but eventually they will avoid such "extra services". In the meanwhile most of your users will remain in such websites regardless of their own websites, and in such case, calendars is a most. It is difficult to handle overbooking or double booking without such funcionality.

    Your system pushes to handle an extra system for the calendar and syncronizing, which doubles the work (operating and updating website backend, CPU load and display times) maintaining both systems updated and displayed to the user. Most hoteliers will regret that.

    If I were you, I would think out of the box for a while and consider integraing this into the heart of your system instead of trying to make your system the core and developing modules which does not have the power and are standards on most websites regardless of their framework. Your main template with everything on it is one of the major problems integrating your apps. You would have millions instead of hundreds of customers.

    Attached is a picture of the problem faced integrating qlo into a full operating system with other modules. Claims from hotliers arise immediatly as if qlo were just a patch. Most dont want to handle such template which is the core and lack of facilities with calendars. Yours is very good for search availability, display rooms and pay, but you can not compete at all against newsletters, stats, galleries, blogs, contact forms, bla, bla. I made this comment for help to improve not for critize your very nice job so far. Hope you can do something regarding room calendars. Congratulations


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    Hi @maurice,
    We got both of your points now. Basically, the features you suggested are the minimum length of stay, and advance booking (set a time period between booking and check-in date).

    I would like to inform you that both the features are in our roadmap.
    And we will launch them in our upcoming versions.

    Also, I would like to thank you for your continuous suggestions. Community suggestions are very important for the growth of any open-source system and we take'em very seriously.

  • Thank you for your answer Faiz. Let me clarify a little more:

    Point one, stands for people which wants one night booking vg. check-in on the 14th and check-out on the 15th. You avoid people which is going to *** for a single night mostly if your property is not for that kind or is a family place. Yes, we also kick-out people which is really for business or other, but we keep out of problems. Most booking systems has the restriction to be set on the system as "minimum nights".

    1. If you rent properties which needs a full cleaning or are on remote locations(more now on times of COVID) you are not entitled to receive people on the same day. If today some guests are leaving you can not allow a quick cleaning for the next one. Most systems has the option as "days in advance" for allowing the reservation. Most of the time 2 days in advance. You avoid same days bookings.

    I would consider both options on the system to satisfy all types of properties. Check other systems to compite with them. Thx for taking this into consideration.

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    Hello @maurice
    We really appreciate your concerns regarding our system. Although I would like to point out that QloApps is an open-source system that tries to cover the general requirements of the community.

    But we take all the suggestions from our community members and add the needed features to our roadmap.

    Now coming to the points you raised.

    We did not have full clarity on the first point. So it will be great if you give us more details on the first point.

    For the second point: In per night booking if someone is booking a single night then the date changes during the stay and that is why the check-in and check-out have to be different.

    If you want then you can address this by managing your check-in and checkout time.

    Because the dates cannot be the same so can make your checkout time exactly 12 midnight.

    But if need that the displayed booking dates should be the same then there will be a need to change the code.

    The system is open source you can do it yourself and if you want then we can also do it for you.