• Hello again. In order to make an effort trying to integrate your system with others and manage icalendars there are two main issues.

    1. Your system do not have a std table with ical format and that would have to be for each separate room category. In certain cases like Booking.com it works with just one room in each category.

    2. There is no documentation on the tables afected by bookings on your system.

    So, could you explain please which tables and fields are affected by bookings on your system to try to make a program (cron executed) to read tables (ical format) from exports from other systems and make the necessary writes to your tables importing them, and on the other hand generate a ical file for each room status so other systems have the chance to import calendars.

    Your precise answer would be appreciated.

  • @shreesh Thank you very much again. I think that is enough to make the required programs. I will keep you posted. Regards

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    Regarding your first question you are correct, you can use the htl_booking_detail to create a ical file.

    Regarding you 2nd question, the algorithm actually do consider htl_booking_detail. it removes the rooms that are already booked between the searched dates here
    let me explain the how the search works.

    • Suppose you have only 1 room in your hotel.
      It is booked forom 4-may to 6-may.
      Now if you search for a room from 1-may to 10-may. it will show as unavailable because the room is not free from 4 to 6th.
    • If there were 2 rooms in the hotel, then you would have one room available for booking.

    If this does not clarify your doubts, do let me know.

  • @shreesh said in iCalendars:


    Hi shreesh

    To avoid a mess mixing orders/invoicing and rooms, on the same system, lets say that each system no matter the domain, will take care of the invoicing and related customer stuff or you will use a centralized customer system for all domains, so let simplify this question to be just a matter of handling the calendars coordinated between all systems and forget about orders and related stuff:

    1. In such case, table htl_booking_detail has all necessary fields to create an ical file (supposing all bookings are sored there and nowhere else) to be used as export ical file to other systems. Seems that is correct. Just confirm please.

    2. If you write to such table through phpmyadmin or with a normal or backend order, the booking room catalog subsystem seems to be working as it is now with the issue for which I raised a threat on Bugs in this forum "V Manual Booking Blocks room all dates and makes it unavailable". However and because the issue is just to handle calendars and we will not be displaying or using your calendar, the main problem to coordinate calendars arises here, if we were writing to htl_booking_detail table from imported calendars:

    If you make a global search, the manual input of a single booking through phpmyadmin (or program) and even a backend or frontend order, table htl_booking_detail is not considered and on results, such room appears unavailable for all searched dates in the future as stated on the bug "V Manual Booking Blocks room all dates and makes it unavailable"

    So the global search does not consider the dates for each room as per booking details on table htl_booking_detail to display the available rooms. I can not find where and what tables are considered to show results, or the search algorith would have to be changed, how and where. Search availability algorithm seems to be the problem. Your advise will be again appreciated.

    add record.jpg

    Any record there is not shown on search availability result.

    I dont know if the system is deleting such records in certain cases (which will be a killer) but you need a table which maintains booking from present to future and I dont find any other table taking care of that.

  • @shreesh Hi and Thank you very much. Sure. I will keep you posted.

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    QloApps is forked from Prestashop, so the data created during booking is similar to prestashop along with some additional data.

    For every new order is created in 'order' table and the rooms booked in that order is saved in 'order_detail' table
    An entry for each booked room is also created in htl_booking_detail table, refer table structure
    Then additional damands for the boks rooms are saved in htl_booking_demands table, refer table structure.

    There are also multiple tables where data is updated when an order is created.
    Please refer to this function which generates the order for further details.

    Please let me know if you have any query.