• Hello experts,
    Example, I have 2 hotels Hotel A and Hotel B.
    And Room A01 and B01
    I want to assign the room A01 to Hotel A and the room B01 to Hotel B.
    But these 2 rooms always are assigned to Hotel A, I have found a way but not see.
    Please help me How can assign the room(B01) to a hotel(Hotel B)?
    You can see 2 my rooms here [http://seasand.vn/en/](link url) are being assiged to one hotel

    Thank you,

  • Global Moderator

    Hello @duongledong4
    You can assign a room to a hotel when you create/edit the room. Once you have assigned the room to a hotel then you cannot change it.

    To assign a room to a hotel you will need to go to Catalog Tab--> Manage Room Types--> Add/Edit a room
    Now at the next page appears, go to Configuration Tab and select the Hotel.
    0_1554820545814_Manage Room Types _ Edit_ General Rooms • QloApps Booking System.jpg