Email templates - how to display order due amount after partial payment

  • Hello everyone,

    Is it possible and which {param} I should use in case I want to send email to the customer after partial payment to inform them on the due amount.


    1. Order for 100$. We send email with {total_paid} which displays the due amount of 100$.
    2. Customer pays 40$. The system calculates that 60$ are due.
    3. We want to send an email about the due 60$. How?

    Any help will be appreciated.

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    currently, no template is there for partial payment. You have to follow the below steps to implement :

    • You have to create an email template in the hotelcommerce/mails/ folder for the partial payment. (put the email template in all language folders)
    • Then you have to attach that email Template with the status by checking "Send an email to the customer when his/her order status has changed".
    • Now you have to append data for the partial payment email. Mails are sent from function sendEmail() (line number : 410) in the class hotelcommerce/classes/order/OrderHistory.php. So you have to set the data (Data will be depended on what is needed in the partial payment email template created by you) here.
    • If you do the above steps correctly you will be able to send email successfully.

    Hope you understand the process.

    Thanks & Regards.

  • @akr
    We have the following process:

    1. Customer made reservation and pays part of the amount due.
      For example: order for $100, Customer pays $40.
    2. Administrator adds the payment at the back office. System calculates that the amount due for the order is now $60.
      3, Admin changes the order's status to "partially paid".
      We have configuration in the order statuses that upon changing the status "partially paid", system sends an email.

    The question is: what parameter (if any) can be used in the email template if we want to show the customer that $60 are still due.

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    @dess Hi. Please explain the flow in more detail. Let us know when do you want the due email to be sent, just after the order confirmation or when adding a payment to an order at the back office?

  • @akr Hi, we are using Qloapps

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    @dess Hi. Please let us know the version of QloApps that you are using.