Old version of website still showing

  • Hi there. I have no idea about coding and I am basically winging this.
    I installed qloapp version in the same directory as my previous website files. I have setup qloapp, but when I click on the shop button it still shows my old previous website.

    I'm really not familiar with the terminology etc. Learning as I go.

  • Global Moderator

    @freedomoclock I can not tell you the exact reason for this problem but it looks like some server related configuration issue or .htaccess file issue.
    Firstly, I recommend you to please contact your hosting provider regarding this.

    If issue still persists then I recommend you to install QloApps in a new directory outside of any previous QloApps installation directories.
    For eg: If your old installation was located at: .../dir/QloApps_Old, I recommend using a new directory for example: ../dir1/QloApps_New.

    After this, If issue remains unresolved please raise a ticket at https://support.uvdesk.com/en/customer/create-ticket/ and provide your FTP details and admin login credentials so that we can check it on your server.