• There is a bug in the system as below:
    In out test I could see we can book same room twise. After we booking all it was showing error as "Invalid Order". However in the invoice I could see the double room booked. Please resolve this.

  • Global Moderator

    When you search for a room for a date range in Book Now section of QloApps at the back end under Hotel Reservation System Tab and no room is available for any room type but some rooms of same room type or different room types are available on specific dates in that date range so that you can create a booking by combining those rooms for that date range then these rooms are partially available rooms.
    Let me explain the concept with the help of an example.

    I searched for a room from 1st Jan to 10th of Jan in the Book Now section.

    I found that there is no room available for this date range.

    But Room A-102 of General Room type is available from 6th Jan to 10th Jan

    and B-101 of Delux Room type is available from 1st Jan to 5th Jan.

    Then instead of turning a guest down, I can offer him these two partially available rooms for the whole date range.

    This is the concept of Partial Availability.

    And Unavailable rooms are those rooms which are not available at all in the given date range.

  • Sorry, I think we have selected 1 months date. So we got partially available room. that has been booked again casing the issue. Could you please help me to understand Partially available room and Unavailable rooms.

  • Global Moderator

    Please share the steps you did so that we can regenerate the issue on our side to have the full understanding of the problem.
    Also please take the help of screenshots for the explanation.