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    I defined a new room type and was trying to configure rooms under that. Here, by default we get to see 2 rows for entering details of rooms. However, I have only one room here. So I want delete other row. However, I am not able to do that.

    So far, I was modifying the existing roomtype to match my convenience & noticed that I could delete rows corresponding to rooms by clicking the bin logo against the row.

    However, in this new roomtype that I just created does not show any bin symbol against the room details row under roomtype configuration

    Can you please let me know how to delete a row here. If I enter values in one row & leave the other blank and try to save it gives me "Invalid room number. Please enter a valid room number" error

    Thanks in advance!
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    Can you please share the screenshot

  • Kindly help, if I book from "book now" and want to book another one it will add the first and second booking cost together. If I try to delete one the booking will stop functioning.

  • Thanks, Sumit! will do!


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    I request you to replace the attached file at the below address -

    Note: admin folder name may differ on your server.

    After replacing the file you will be able to delete one row in the two automatic created rows https://prnt.sc/pm4w1n.


  • I just found a work around.

    I was not able to delete a empty row. So I filled some dummy values & saved. After saving, the bin icon appeared & I was able to delete