• I would LOVE it if someone could assist me please. I am not a professional at this and trying my best. I receive an error once the installation is at 23% Create default shop and languages. I have googled the problem and other people have had similar issues.
    These are the suggestions I have tried, but they did not work for me :
    Downgrading to PHP 5.6.
    I have changed allow_url_fopen to ON
    max_execution_time is set at 90 seconds which is the most it can go.

    I read that PHP Curl should be installed? I don't know much about this or if this could be the problem.

  • Global Moderator

    To resolve the issue,

    Please set 'allow_url_fopen = On' and 'allow_url_include = On' in php.ini

    Also please make sure that there issue no issue in your internet connection because many times this error arises due to a connection problem.

    Also, make sure that your server configuration is compatible with QloApps. You can find the required configuration in this guide.

    Please go through the guide very carefully. And if still there is an issue then please share your FTP details and URL on which you are trying to install QloApps over the ticket.