• Hi,
    I am a new user, Please forgive me if I sound very naive. I just installed Qloapp. I could open the admin through the link given on the installation page. So, I have the URL that takes me to admin. However, I couldn't locate the folder starting with 'admin' in the filesystem.
    Can someone tell me where can I locate this file structure?
    I am looking at the folder created by unzipping the zip file for installation. In this folder I see a folder called admin. But I do not see any folder whose name starts with 'admin'. Am I looking for it at the wrong place? Please let me know.
    Thanks in advance!

  • Global Moderator

    @sujatha Yes, you can... Just change the name of the admin folder present in the hotelcommerce folder.

    Then the URL of your back end will be something like www.website.com/adminfoldername

  • Hi @Faiz , Thanks a lot!
    I have deleted the install folder. Is it possible to change this URL? To a convenient name that we can remember easily?

  • Global Moderator

    Hello @sujatha
    The URL you got from the installation page is the URL of your back office.
    And for the file structure, you are looking at the right place.
    You will find the admin folder there only i.e. in the hotelcommerce folder which you used to install QloApps.

    There will be only one folder in by the name admin or name starting with admin.
    So you watching the correct folder.
    Also, do not forget to delete the install folder in the hotelcommerce folder.