• Hi
    Created very nice landing page, works fine on Windows machine and Android , have issues to see the GUI landing page in IPhone - any suggestion ?

  • Hi, I've manage to find the root cause, its a DNS issue when i moved the IP to my website name.
    The IPhone works well when opening the QLoApps over the IP address and not the site name.
    Thank you

  • 0_1552335662114_IMG-20190311-WA0004.jpg

    occur only on Iphone mobile with different browsers (tested on Iphone 6 and iphone xs) , the problem occur on Safari browser as well on chrome browser in these iphones

  • Global Moderator

    Hello @Amir
    Can you please share the screenshots to us so that we can understand what the issue is.
    Also please share with us the browser name and version you are using.