• How Dormitory room and their price can be setup in qloapps

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    Hello @addmakes02
    There can be two ways to manage the Dormitory Rooms one free and one Paid.

    The Free Way,
    Go to the Catalog tab--> manage room types
    Then click on Add New Product to create a room type.
    Now while creating the room types in the configuration section add as many rooms as you have beds in this dormitory.
    That is considered a bed as a room.

    But the issue in this way is if you have multiple dorms then you will have to create multiple room types in the system .And will have to manage each dorm separately.

    This will also create a problem if have listed your properties on various OTAs and want to manage them through a Channel Manager.

    That is why we suggest the Paid Way.
    We will customize QloApps for you so that it will start supporting the Dormitory Rooms.
    If you want to go for the Paid customization then please raise a ticket at