• Hi,
    I've been trying to set up PayPal payments for my client's hotel website, and it seems that the QloApps' integrated solution is outdated.

    According to comments on Stack Overflow, we can no longer apply for an App ID on PayPal side, so I won't be able to configure it on my client's website.

    Will the QloApps integrated PayPal solution be upgraded soon or is there any other solution I could implement in the meantime?

  • Global Moderator

    Hi @enslavedeagle
    Yes, we are working on the new version of the PayPal module. We will release it with our new version of QloApps. And this will take approximately a week.
    If you can wait for the next version of QloApps then it is okay and if you want an urgent solution then we can add any payment gateway of your choice to QloApps. And it will be a Paid Service.
    So if you want to go for the Paid Service then please raise a ticket at https://webkul.uvdesk.com/en/customer/create-ticket/