• Hi brothers,
    I have 2 languages need to display on my website English and Vietnamese.
    Translator Vietnamese were existed, then I import English pack(en.gzip) from this system. Now, there are 2 languages shown, but when I switch to English, the English textboxes were copied from Vietnamese already and my website always displays Vietnamese instead of English defaut.
    You can see my website here http://seasanddemo.byethost3.com/en/

    What's problem? How can I fix it?
    1 month ago it worked fine, but now as above

  • Global Moderator

    As I mentioned earlier also that for those fields whose translation does not exist by default system show those fields in default language rather than showing them blank.
    And the only way around is to translate those fields manually.

  • Hi,
    I don't know why we need to copy from the default language to the imported language, because 2 languages are different. Now I set Vietnamese is default, then I import English and this got data which translated from VN and dislay as the translations. It's not corrrect, i have to remove manually them but there is so many fields.
    do you have any way faster, please suggest to me?
    Thank you

  • Global Moderator

    In QloApps when you import a language there are some fields that come translated by default while there are some fields that do not.
    So for the fields that are not translated by default, the system displays them in the default language as the translations for these fields do not exist.
    Hence you will need to translate these fields manually in the
    Localization--> Translation section

    Now coming onto your second question, to set the default language Goto Localization Section and select your desired language as your default language.