• I have installed the Hotel Management system but can't seem to find how I can enable or start taking advantage of the channel manager? I am looking to integrate with AirBnB, Booking.com and HostelWorld.

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    Right now taking Myallocator Plans will be more convenient for you as our Qlo channel manager is not ready yet.
    But if still, you want us to connect QloApps directly to your desired OTAs then we can do it as a Paid Service.
    Please note that you will have to provide the APIs of all the OTAs you want to connect to QloApps.

  • Can we directly connect Qloapps-Myallocator Connector module to Ota's like as MakeMy Trip, Booking.com. Means without taking plans from Myallocator channel manager.

    I was trying Price And Availability Manager feature in Qloapps-Myallocator demo. some how that data is deleted when i try to sync

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    We have developed a channel manager for QloApps but right now it is in the evolving phase and it is yet to connect with many of the OTAs.

    Although we have addressed the need of our clients for a channel manager by partnering with Myallocator Channel Manager.

    If you are using Qloapps as your booking website then We have built Qloapps-Myallocator Connector module which is built to synchronize room prices and inventory from Qloapps to MyAllocator.

    This module is available for 99USD, one-time payment with 3 months free support

    Here is the store link for Qloapps-Myallocator Connector: http://bit.ly/2u6P1g8

    Note: You will have to buy the Myallocator channel manager from their website. Only then you will be able to use it with Qloapps.

    You can check the demo at http://prestashop.webkul.com/wkmyallocatorconnector-demo/

    For user guide please visit https://qloapps.com/qloapps-myallocator-connector/