• Hi

    There are some email templates like followup_4

    Hi {firstname} {lastname}, 
    You are one of our best customers, however you have not placed an
    order in {days_threshold} days.
    Your cart has been saved, you can resume your order by visiting our
    shop: {shop_url} [/{shop_url}]
    We wish to thank you for the trust you have placed in us and want to
    give you a discount of {amount}% valid on your next order! This offer
    is valid for {days} days, so do not waste a moment! 		 
    HERE IS YOUR COUPON: {voucher_num}
    Enter this code in your shopping cart to get your discount. 		 
    {shop_name} [/{shop_url}] powered by Webkul(tm)

    Where can I use them?

    Kind regards

  • Global Moderator

    Hi @IBS

    We are currently not using these templates. These templates were removed from Qloapps but are generated during installaion due to some issue, we have noted this issue and will be resolved in future version of QloApps.

    If you want to use this module, you can get it from github as it is an opensource module from prestashop. Currently we do not provide support for this module but we will soon provide a module with similar features