• I created a database called ehand_qloapps_ and changed the database name in database.php file in install folder. I created a database user and updated the user as well. In local env , application works fine. But when I tried with cpanel, It could not load the site. Any configuration I missed. please help me to get up and running the site. thank you

    public function display()
            if (!$this->session->database_server) {
                if (file_exists(_PS_ROOT_DIR_.'/config/settings.inc.php')) {
                    @include_once _PS_ROOT_DIR_.'/config/settings.inc.php';
                    $this->database_server = _DB_SERVER_;
                    $this->database_name = _DB_NAME_;
                    $this->database_login = _DB_USER_;
                    $this->database_password = _DB_PASSWD_;
                    $this->database_engine = _MYSQL_ENGINE_;
                    $this->database_prefix = _DB_PREFIX_;
                } else {
                    $this->database_server = 'localhost';
                    $this->database_name = 'ehandlk_qloapps';
                    $this->database_login = 'ehandlk_admin';
                    $this->database_password = 'welcome!23';
                    $this->database_engine = 'InnoDB';
                    $this->database_prefix = 'ps_';
                $this->database_clear = true;
                $this->use_smtp = false;
                $this->smtp_encryption = 'off';
                $this->smtp_port = 25;
            } else {
                $this->database_server = $this->session->database_server;
                $this->database_name = $this->session->database_name;
                $this->database_login = $this->session->database_login;
                $this->database_password = $this->session->database_password;
                $this->database_engine = $this->session->database_engine;
                $this->database_prefix = $this->session->database_prefix;
                $this->database_clear = $this->session->database_clear;
                $this->use_smtp = $this->session->use_smtp;
                $this->smtp_encryption = $this->session->smtp_encryption;
                $this->smtp_port = $this->session->smtp_port;

  • @shreesh I understand the issue. Thanks

  • Global Moderator


    It seems like you have already installed QloApps and now you are trying to change the Db configurating. In order to change those you need change the variables in hotelcommerce/config/settings.inc.php file.

    changes in display() function in database.php file will only be displayed during installation of QloApps.