• Hi,
    We tried to booked General Rooms which are available for quantity 4. For first user select four users and checkout at same time second user also selected 4 general rooms It allowed booking of both the users . total available rooms were 4 but both of customer booked 8.Two customer should not allowed to book room at same time

  • Global Moderator

    Right now we do not show our roadmap on a public platform. But we are working on a portal where we will show our roadmaps and plans.

    You can subscribe to our blogs although to stay updated.

    And you can also suggest a feature which you think should be there in QloApps.

  • Hi Faiz,

    Thanks for ur reply. Can we know what are the feature enhancement and Bug fixes in Qlo apps roadmap in next releases planned. So that we can work on our hotel management easily.

  • Global Moderator

    Yes, this issue is on our top priorities to resolve.
    This issue only comes when two users book the room at the same time which is a rare incidence.
    Although we check the inventory at each step before the Payment. But from the payment step, there is no check. So if two users go to payment step at the same time this issue arises.
    The reason behind no inventory check from the payment step is that many times user cancels the payment or payment does not get completed due to any reason. If we block the cart for some time for this user and then this user does not complete the booking then a genuine user will get refrained from making a booking.
    So we are searching for a sophisticated solution to this issue. And it is in our roadmap. We will surely inform you once we have resolved the issue.