Loaded the wrong version module v1.7 instead of v1.6

  • Hi, i accidentally loaded the wrong module in my qloapps fortunately it's just a test server. I get this error message:
    [PrestaShop] Fatal error in module file C:\xampp\htdocs\hotel\classes\module\Module.php(1394) : eval()'d code:
    syntax error, unexpected 'use' (T_USE)

    When i try to access modules & services page. Does anyone know how to restore so i can load the right module???

  • Global Moderator

    Hi @zayno70

    Your module is trying to access a class which is not available in QloApps
    To resolve this, you have to delete the uploaded module folder from the file system.

    After this try to open the module and service page, it should work fine.

  • Thank you problem solved