• Hello Dears,

    is it possible to configure credit slips for customer ?

    I found some documentation in Prestashop website but did not really worked.

    However, from the customer side under Account Menu, I saw following message:

    You have not received any credit slips.

    Image 3.png

    How can I configure it ?

    Any help would be highly appreciated.

    Cheers !

  • After you have received the returned product, you should send the confirmation to the customer that the product is accepted back. Such confirmations are called PrestaShop credit slips.

  • Global Moderator

    Hi @unisport1, A credit slip is generated when a customer raised a request for a refund.

    Let's say, you've made a successful booking and cleared the complete payment. Due to any reason, If you want to cancel the booking then raise a refund request and the refund rule will be applicable, If it was created & activated on the hotel.

    With QloApps, you can easily manage refund rules. You can create as many refund rules as per your requirement.

    • You need to go to the hotel reservation tab and, in that, go to manage order refund rules.

    • From there, you can add new rules.

    • While adding new rules, you need to specify payment type, deduction amount from advance or total booking amount, and a number of days before which the customer will get the refund for cancellation of the booking.

    To create and apply refund rules in QloApps, please follow this user guide: https://qloapps.com/why-refund-rules-matter-hotel-industry/

    For further doubts, queries, or concerns regarding the same, create a ticket here

  • @faiz Could you explain the workflow?

  • Global Moderator

    Hi @coxuzi
    We made some changes for this credit slip functionality in QloApps Version 1.4.0 but the flow was not completed. We are still working on this and it is still in development phase.
    The whole flow will be completed in the next version 1.5.0 which will be released soon.
    So please wait for the release of the next version.