• In previous version of Qloapps there was option to display price (inclusive of tax) & price (exclusive of tax). However, in the new version, I do not see such option. Can we display base price, additional facilities and tax separately? How can we achieve that?

  • Thanks @Faiz

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    Hello @sujatha
    The issue is not because of the version or something else.
    You need to select if you want to show the price tax included or excluded for this group of the customer in the customer group setting.

    Just to Customers --> Groups --> Add/ Edit Group

    Once you select tax included then the tax break up will be shown.

    Also, make sure you are displaying tax from Localization -- > Tax

  • This is the screenshot the support team shared with me sometime back
    taxes-separate.png However, I would like to list the cost exclusive tax on the LHS. But I am not able to display list the tax components separately on the RHS. My configuration looks as below.no-tax-separate.png How do I get the tax components on RHS?

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    In the previous version, there was no tax option for additional facilities.

    So can you please take the help of screenshots to specify which exact field you are taking about.

  • In this version only 'price (inclusive of tax)'. Ideally we should be able to see base price, additional facility cost, taxes, then subtotal.
    Kindly forgive me if this question was already asked. I was not able to trace it. Just in case it was asked kindly point me to the answer.