• Hi,
    I installed new qloapp version in a new directory in the same server where my old qloapp version was also installed. However, when I tried access my old version page url (http://myserver/qloapp-old) it gets redirected to new version (http://myserver/qloapps-new). Why does this happen?

    I also observe that some old scripts we had written for some database operations (some database that we were managing outside qloapps) are also getting redirected to new version of qloapps. This is our staging server and it may disrupt a few things here)
    Please let me know if it possible that I have created a few redirects in the process of installing new version of qloapps

    Thanks so much!

  • Thank you, @Sumit . Will get this checked & let you know. Thank you!

  • Global Moderator


    I can not tell you the exact reason for this problem. But it looks like some server related configuration issue or .htaccess file issue.
    Firstly, I recommend you to please contact your host provider regarding this.

    After this, If the issue still persists then please create a ticket at https://support.uvdesk.com/en/customer/create-ticket/ and provide us your FTP details and admin login credentials. So that we check it on your server.