• Hi All,
    I want to configure HDFC payment gateway for my hotel site. How can we do that? If someone has worked on this,kindly let me know.


  • Global Moderator

    Hi @sujatha
    Yes, we can integrate any payment gateway module to QloApps you required. And it will be a Paid Service.
    The cost of the service depends on the efforts required to integrate the payment gateway.

    But, we are also running an offer for our customers. If you buy any of our QloApps services billing to a minimum of 750 USD in total then we will integrate one payment gateway of your choice to QloApps for free.


    • You will have to provide the APIs of payment gateway for the integration if they are not open publically. And if the APIs are publically open then please share the link.

    • Our store has services for many platforms, to avail the offer you will have to make the purchases in the QloApps category only.