• In Qlo marketplace you have the same theme as Qloapps. On front of the store you have only one hotel which gives advantage to that hotel.
    Also will be nice to have some of the prestashop addons too as bestsellers related goods and people also bought

  • Global Moderator

    Hi @pt1pp,
    Currently, our QloApps Marketplace does change our front end design. But our theme is very flexible. You can change the content of the front page to make it look like a Marketplace.
    You can change the headings, descriptions, and images of different blocks of the front page and that will do the job.
    Many of our customers are successfully doing it and they are happy with it.

    Apart from that, we are also working on a theme for our Marketplace. But how much time it will take cannot be confirmed right now.

    So if you want a theme urgently then you can contribute it to the community yourself. We will love that.

    And you want us to make a theme form us then raise a ticket.