• I found that searching is working only if put name of hotels and range.

    1. Location dont work. Also to start searching with location i have to choses hotel and range. in this case i dont need location
    2. In marketplace i cant search only using range. I have to select a hotel too. I think a clients will prefer to search only range because they want to chose a room from more options
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    Yes, I agree with your points @pt1pp
    And as I said earlier, we have a marketplace theme in our roadmap. It will have some changes in the search also.

    But when it will be ready that I cannot say right now.

  • I agree that location is important.
    I think think location suppose to work separate. Now you have to choose name of the hotel and range. If I choose the name of the hotel probably I know where hotel is located. Example: search for 'New yourk,USA' will show all hotels in NY. When you click on hotel you will see the rooms and will make booking
    I think to search hotel or to choose hotel its good to work separate too
    I think range is good to work separate. It will show list with all free rooms for this range.. It can work as now too - combination with name of the hotel

    I think such type of searching will be more useful for clients

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    Hello @pt1pp,

    Yes, the Marketplace module does not disturb the design of QloApps hotel page.

    But the location tab in the search menu serves an important function. When you put a location in the search panel it filters the hotel in the select hotel field.
    So if you enter a country in that field it will show you the hotels in that country. And if you enter a city in that field then it will show Hotels in that city in the Select Hotel dropdown.

    Apart from that, we are also working on a theme for our Marketplace. But how much time it will take cannot be confirmed right now.

    So if you want a theme urgently then you can contribute it to the community yourself. We will love that.

    And you want us to make a theme form us then raise a ticket.