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    Ok, Please replace the below files on your server.
    Please make sure no changes are done on the below files on your server. Because after replacing the files changes on those files will be lost.

    After that please clear the cache from Advance parameters -> performance Tab. Please visit https://prnt.sc/oi9jlv for more details.

    • hotelcommerce/modules/wkhotelfiltersearchblock/views/templates/hook/htlfiltersearchblock.tpl
    • hotelcommerce/modules/wkroomsearchblock/views/templates/hook/roomSearchWrapper.tpl
    • hotelcommerce/themes/hotel-reservation-theme/product.tpl

    After it translate the texts from Localization->Translations tab.
    I request you to please reply on the ticket for further discussion.


  • @Faiz I sent a mail base on your instructions. And I received a response some days after. While responding to my mail, I was informed to use the module feature in the translation instead of the front I'm using earlier but still not working. I resent a complaint email but not getting a response. Please help rectify. Ticket ID is #118130

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    We will need to check the issue on your server. So please raise a ticket and share your FTP details and Admin URL & Credentials at https://webkul.uvdesk.com/en/customer/create-ticket/

  • Finding it difficult to upload pictures. All im getting was "(![alt text](image url)".
    Seem the error has been rectified . But the translation am making was not updating on my landing page. I tried changing "HOTEL LOCATION" to "Standort der Unterkunft", i saved and receive "successful update" message, i head to view my landing page but nothing is updating. Please what should i do?

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    Please share the screenshot of the error

  • Keep receiving this error " The WAPGW fails to connect to the remote server" each time i click on save. And currently the English version of my website is no more working. Please help out

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    Hello @Mahlay
    You can change the text Hotel Location, Select Hotel, Check-in, and Check-out dates by using the Translate feature of QloApps.
    To translate follow these steps:

    • Go to the Localization Tab and select Translation in the drop-down https://prnt.sc/l21qj8

    • Select the Type of Translation (here select front office as you want to change the front office content)

    • Now select Hotel Theme in the theme section and choose English in the language section and click on Modify

    Now search for fieldset you want to translate. And in that fieldset, you will find the strings that you can change to change these fields.

    The landing page is made of many modules so there is no one file that you can change to edit the landing page.

  • Wish to edit the
    Hotel location
    Select Hotel
    Check In Date
    Check Out Date
    Search Now
    how can i get this done?

  • Thanks for your response. Is there any means of accessing the code of the landing page? I mean the PHP / HTML code

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    Hi @Mahlay
    Do you want to the overall design of the landing page? Because we have made the landing page of the system very customizable. You can follow this guide to know more https://qloapps.com/qlo-reservation-system/
    If you want to develop a new theme all along then please let us know.