• Hello, we are an ecommerce agency and we have found you looking for a channel manager that we could use in Prestashop. What you offer is perfect because we see that you already have the application created with the modules ready to configure. We are experts in Prestashop but some newbies in booking issues and channel manager.
    We need a solution that integrates the Prestashop with the best known booking platforms: Booking, Expedia, AirBnB, etc ... This is not clear to us that it can be done with your application or we do not know how it is done. On the other hand it could give us an estimated budget or the cost of using your software. It puts that from $25/monthly but we must know the figure to know if we can work with you.
    Any information you can give us will be welcome.
    Greetings and thanks.

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    @lillop-studio we hope you have achieved your goal. If not then please inform us and let us know that how can we help you.
    If yes, then please share your website with us.

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    Yes, as of now you are on the right track

  • Hello Faiz,
    finally my approach is correct?

  • Thanks for your response Faiz.
    The project that we are developing consists of an e commerce in which the clients can reserve rooms.
    But we also need that these rooms can be booked from the main OTAs such as Expedia, Booking, AirBnB, etc...

    We want that the information of the rooms (reservations, cancellations, clients, etc ...) are synchronized with our page.

    From what we have understood so far we need the public-facing booking application (QloApps), the channel manager (MyAllocator) and the connector between QloApps and MyAllocator.

    On the other hand we would like to know if we are on the right path in terms of price. QloApps is free, the connector is paid once and is worth $ 99 and finally the monthly fee charged by MyAllocator for its channel manager services. This is correct?

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    Also, for our information can you please specify your ultimate goal so that we can guide you further and we can check if you don't need anything else

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    @lillop-studio Yes, you do not need anything else. This is all you require to suffice your need for a channel manager.
    You can follow these steps to get it through:

  • @faiz said in Prestashop and channel manager:


    Hello Faiz,
    then we would have to use MyAllocator for the moment until you have connected your system with the rest of the OTA. I meant that your system (QloApps hotelcommerce) is based on Prestashop and it's great for us. It is the tool with which we work.
    In short, we would have to use our system (QloApps hotelcommerce), buy the connector with MyAllocator and also hire the MyAllocator system or would we need something else?

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    We have developed a channel manager for our hotel reservation system (QloApps). But right now, our channel manager in the evolving phase. Although it is connected with Expedia and Cleartrip but not with many of the distribution channels out there. We are constantly working on our channel manager and connecting all the significant channels to our channel manager is on our roadmap.
    Until our channel manager is not fully evolved we have got an alternative solution for the need of a channel manager of our clients.
    We have partnered with MyAllocator channel manager which is connected with most of the OTAs.
    If you are using Qloapps as your booking website then We have built Qloapps-Myallocator Connector module which is built to synchronize room prices and inventory between Myallocator channel manager and Qloapps.
    The QloApps MyAllocator connector is only for QloApps and will not work on Prestashop.

    P.S. You will have to buy the Myallocator channel manager from their website ( https://www.myallocator.com/ ). Only then you will be able to use it with Qloapps.
    QloApps MyAllocator Connector store link: http://bit.ly/2u6P1g8