Downloaded bulk of files.. what I need to do with them? Need only Booking engine

  • HI
    Newby here.. want to test Qlo module online booking engine for site - not satisfied with the design provided by MyAllocator that I use now (though its also free)
    Downloaded a bulk of files but can not undrestand what to do with all this..
    Any assistance and point which files and how to use?

  • Global Moderator

    @bondalembc You will have to download QloApps as I have informed you above.
    Then you can buy the myallocator connector from our store.

    To understand how to use QloApps you can visit

  • It means that I can not use only one function of Qlo - booking module with a connection to existing MyAllocator channel manager? or it would be possible to install the whole package and use only one function I need

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    @BondalemBC QloApps is an independent system, not a module.
    I think you have downloaded the zip file from our website and you have extracted it. That is why you are seeing a bulk of files.
    But there nothing to worry, as installing Qloapps is an easy task.

    Just follow the following steps:

    • create a database on your hosting server
    • unzip the downloaded zip file and upload it to the server
    • then rum the QloApps installation by accessing the public URL
    • now select your preferred language
    • license agreement
    • your host should be compatible, you can check the required configuration here
    • then on the next page fill the details ( like name, email, password)
    • and then complete the installation.

    For more detailed information on QloApps installation see our guide

    If you face any further problem then please feel free to ask.