• Hi,
    I have an apartment for rent. I sell it on a few platform as AirBnb, Booking or Facebook, so some days my room is not avalible because of reservations. I also sell my apartment on my website, but I want to block days that is not valible.
    How can I block it?

    Thank you

  • Thanks for your suggestion. At the moment, my website is not too big, so not really need it. I will back at reasonable time.
    Thank you

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    @duongledong4 Thanks for the appreciation.

    Regarding Channel Manager,
    Channel Manager is a separate piece of software. You can use it with QloApps to sync your inventories and rates on the different booking platforms.

    We have developed a channel manager for our hotel reservation system Qloapps.

    But right now our channel manager is in the evolving phase. It is not integrated with many of the OTAs.

    But we have an alternative solution for your channel manager requirement.

    Qloapps-Myallocator Connector:

    We have partnered with the MyAllocator channel manager. They have tied up with several online travel agencies (OTAs).

    If you are using Qloapps as your booking website then We have built
    Qloapps Myallocator Connector module which is built to synchronize room prices and inventory from Qloapps to MyAllocator

    This module is available for 99USD, one-time payment with 3 months free support.

    Here is the store link for Qloapps-Myallocator Connector: http://bit.ly/2u6P1g8

    Note: You will have to buy the Myallocator channel manager from their website. Only then you will be able to use it with Qloapps.

    You can check the demo at https://moduledemo.qloapps.com/wkmyallocatorconnector-demo/

    For user guide please visit https://qloapps.com/qloapps-myallocator-connector/

  • It's great. I like more and more Qloap. Thanks for you information. One next question: Where is Channel Manager? How can it use it?

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    Hello @duongledong4
    To block room on your QloApps website for a time period you can use the Temporary Inactive feature of QloApps.
    To make a room type Temporary Inactive please follow these steps:

    This is how you can block a room for a specific date range manually from the backend.

    But as you said that you have listed your hotel on various platform. And you want to block a room on your website because that room is booked from other sources.
    So if you want this process automatic i.e. if a room is booked on booking.com then the inventory gets updated on your website and all other platforms where you have listed your rooms then you can use a Channel Manager.