Change home page content at top of page (before room search controls)

  • How do I change the text/content show at the top of the home page, just below the 'Hotel Tag Line' text. I have filled in 'Hotel Short Description' but it does not display.



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    @jloper To perform the mentioned UI changes, you should be technically sound on the default QloApps architecture. You can read more about the QloApps tech stack here

    To add the required text on the homepage just above the search widget, you can follow this file path and make the needful changes:


    For further doubts or queries, you can raise a support ticket

  • @abhisheksharma Thanks for the reply.

    As I said in the original message, the Short Description does not display on the Home Page. Not at the top, and not at the bottom/footer.

    My question however was how to change the text in the top section, between the Tag Line (which does display) and the Room Search controls. There is plenty of room to add some text, but I am not sure how to add a module or DIV to display the text.

    There is a DIV with class=container

    This DIV is in the correct place on the page. How do I add a DIV after DIV.container, or at the bootom/end of DIV.container??


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    @jloper , You can change the text/content using 'Hotel name' and 'Hotel tag line' fields to display at top of homepage.

    At back office, navigate to these tabs: Hotel Reservation System tab -> Settings -> General Settings and also check this screenshot:

    Hotel short description: This text will be displayed in footer section. Refer:

    For further doubts or concerns, you can raise a ticket