Adding more than one admin; free rooms

  • Hello

    Is it possible to have more than one admins? I want to allow multiple people in org to make booking in the back end.

    Also, my rooms are free since they are for members only. Is it possible to disable all the payment stuff? I've set the prices to 0.00 and removed the payment block at bottom by disabling all payment options, but during checkout users still have to click through payment step.

    thanks in advance

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  • Global Moderator

    Hi @luuie ,

    Your both requirements can be achieved with the help of default QloApps features:

    For requirement: 1

    Yes, you can create multiple employees (people) and grant them profile-based permissions based on the roles that you want to create in the QloApps back-office.

    You can read "Employee Management" process in QloApps user guide:

    For employee management, you have three options under the "Administration Tab". These tabs are Employees, Profile, and Permissions.

    For requirement: 2

    You can set room type price "zero" and as per default terms & conditions, It will take you on the payment process.

    Then, It will not show the payment gateways and only show you a button "I confirm my order" when clicked, it will directly make the checkout and raise a booking.