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    We are delighted to announce that our QloApps Google Hotel Manager is unveiled at the start of the year 2022.

    A lot of clients are asking to list their business on Google because it is the biggest platform to list your hotel business if you want to reach maximum potential customers.

    For listing your business on Google, you have to use Google My Business profile.

    The bookings of your hotel increase more if you share your hotel’s direct rates and availability. But Google does not help in managing your hotel’s direct rates and availability.

    Therefore, We have come up with QloApps Google Hotel Manager that will allow you to sync your room's availability and prices and rates on Google for your properties.

    It will help you share rates, availability and prices to your hotels listed on Google.

    Note: After sharing rates, free booking links will automatically start displaying in your listings.

    Features :
    Through QloApps Google Hotel Manager you can perform the following things-

    • You can send availability of rooms for your properties listed on Google

    • You can send room rates, prices for your properties listed on Google.

    • You can send rate plan restrictions (Minimum / Maximum length of stay).

    • You can send close status (close to arrival / close to departure).

    • You can send minimum and maximum offset for arrival date the room rates.

    • Moreover, you can set landing pages for your properties. So, by clicking on it, customers will be redirected to your hotel website and create bookings.

    While a Google My Business profile aids in the searching of your hotel. Similarly, booking links helps potential customers easily book rooms in your hotel.

    Henceforth, what are you waiting for? Grab this opportunity.

    To understand the workflow of our QloApps Google Hotel Manager in depth go to documentation
    And if you have any question then you can contact us by raising a ticket