• We need to change the price on cart like default room have occupancy of 2 adult and 2 children. If some wants to book a room for 3 children we can increase the price in cart.
    Example : with 2 adult occupancy price is = 1000 rs default price of room
    if user select same room for 3 adult occupancy = 1000 + 200 rs
    Can u guide which files are needed to change the price or any idea how can it achieve

  • Global Moderator

    @frankofem Every version of QloApps provided the full booking process functionalities including payments.
    A customer can do bookings and pay for it.
    By default, we have enabled Pay by check and Bankwire payment methods in QloApps.
    If you want to take online payments then you will need a payment gateway. We have integrated PayPal Payment gateway with QloApps by default but if you need any other payment gateway of your choice then we can also integrate as well.
    And it will be a Paid Service.
    I have already answered a query on this forum regarding Payment Gateways. Please follow this link: http://bit.ly/2B5tjew

    Now the regarding the currency,
    Yes, you can use Naira as your currency in QloApps.
    Just go the Localization Section and install Nigeria Localization Pack.
    Nigerian taxes, languages and currency can be installed in this pack.

  • Hello All,
    I would like to know if guests can make payments over QloApps V1.3.2 and can the currency be adjusted to naira

  • Global Moderator

    Right now we provide the admin to adjust the maximum capacity of the room. So that he can select how many guests can stay in a particular room.
    But right now, we do not provide the feature to manage the pricing on adding a guest in the room.
    But we can add this feature to QloApps as a Paid Customization. Please raise a ticket so that we can have a discussion on it.