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    We are glad to unveil QloApps v1.5.1.

    QloApps 1.5.1 has a new catalog mode that will allow you to showcase your hotel and room types without the option of booking.

    We have also taken a big step towards making the backend more hotelier-friendly as per our user suggestions.

    Apart from that, we have resolved compatibility issues with PHP 7.

    This update also includes code optimization with bug removal and enhanced security.

    Change Log

    Added Features:

    CO : [#217] auto_generated column in address table added to track address creation source
    CO : [#207] New order states 'Partial payment accepted' and 'Awaiting partial payment' added for the partial payment
    CO : [#208] "Catalog Mode" option to disable all booking options, customer can only view Rooms
    CO : [#198, #226] Multiple hooks are added in the different QloApps core files

    FO : [#187] Display voucher name along with voucher code on order page

    Improved/changed features:

    BO : [#206] Removed Other Modules setting from admin Hotel Reservation System -> Settings
    BO : [#200] Removed shipping option from car rule condition.
    BO : [#199] Removed "Display suppliers and manufacturers" and "Display best sellers" options from Admin Preferences controller
    BO : [#193] Removed Payment Modules setting from admin Hotel Reservation System -> Settings
    BO : [#189] Moved hotel selection from configuration tab to the information tab
    BO : [#179] Added hotel column in room type feature pricing list
    BO : [#177] Removed multishop option
    BO : [#149] Removed carrier column from Booking Carts Controller
    BO : [#183] Added hotel name along with room name when adding filter of room type for cart rule
    BO : [#204, #196, #182] Text Changes
    BO : [#110, #111] Code Optimization

    CO : [#223] getHotelCartBookingData() : function multiplication optimized
    CO : [#225] HotelRoomTypeFeaturePricing.php optimized (Removed unused variables, removed static values assigned)
    CO : [#218] Added hotel name column in order confirmation mail and invoice.
    CO : [#210] CMS page Delivery is not valid for hotel industry. So changed it to Policies page
    CO : [#205] Prevent deleting profile which is used by at least one employee
    CO : [#214] blockcart module :: Removed unused hooks displayLeftColumn and displayrightColumn
    CO : [#180] license file name changed from LICENSES to LICENSE
    CO : [#181] Readme file improvements with more information and links
    CO : [#221] dataforfrontsearch() function now calculate and provide "feature_price_diff" value in response
    CO : [#175] Changed QloApps versioning system (now please check)
    CO : [#175] Updated module compatibility check with QloApps version
    CO : [#215] "hotelreservationsystem.php" code optimization in hook "actionValidateOrder"
    CO : [#117, #118, #119, #120, #121, #122, #134, #137, #138, #139] Changes for PHP7 compatibility
    CO : [#178] Text Changes

    FO : [#222] Disabled mobile keyboard pop up when using date-picker in home search
    FO : [#208] Room type listing on search result page moved to different template "room_type_listing.tpl"
    FO : [#185] Replaced star rating plugin with jquery Raty in Product Comments module
    FO : [#156] "product.js" code multiplication optimized
    FO : [#215] "ajax-cart.js" add validation
    FO : [#125, #127, #141, #142] Changes for PHP7 compatibility

    Bug/Issues Resolved:

    BO : Fixed : [#211] Errors on cart rule page when add room type, which is not assigned to hotel, selected in room type condition
    BO : Fixed : [#197] wrong theme information is displayed at Preferences -> Themes admin controller
    BO : Fixed : [#195] Filter by position in the render lists of admin controllers
    BO : Fixed : [#194] Entering wrong discount while Group creation, page redirects to list page
    BO : Fixed : [#192] Using filter in customer Group list, page redirects to previous list
    BO : Fixed : [#189] Room Type associations with its hotel parent category
    BO : Fixed : [#176] Birthday input field width in Helper Form
    BO : Fixed : [#173] Undefined varaible issue Manage Order Refund Request Controller
    BO : Fixed : [#171] Multiple request on single click in Helper List
    BO : Fixed : [#160] "Access Denied" issue when an employee other than super admin create a new room.
    BO : Fixed : [#168] Room number not updating after room reallocation and swap
    BO : Fixed : [#162] Additional facility price changes for room type after saving
    BO : Fixed : [#147] Creating order status without entering "status name", page redirects to blank page
    BO : Fixed : [#148] Creating order refund status without entering "status name", page redirects to list page
    BO : Fixed : [#229] Resolved undefined variable error in Manage Order Refund Request Controller

    FO : Fixed : [#212] Design issue of select in the ADDITIONAL FACILITIES if text exceeds from block in the product detail page
    FO : Fixed : [#209] Errors on the search result page: If new group is created and only this group is assigned to the customer
    FO : Fixed : [#203] Guest is unable to submit Refund Request again after entering invalid Refund Reason once
    FO : Fixed : [#158] Hotel selection in search panel for mobile devices
    FO : Fixed : [#169] Wrong price displayed when booking from 1 march to 30 march
    FO : Fixed : [#151] Room search check-in && check-out don't change when friendly URL is disabled.

    CO : Fixed : [#186] Links in mail for my-account, guest tracking and my orders pages are now localized to customer language.
    CO : Fixed : [#109] updated invalid varaible "pshone_mobile" to "phone_mobile"
    CO : Fixed : [#202] "global.css" added missing class for aligning images left and right in discription