• how i edit the booking option attach the pic![alt text](image 0_1544900861663_night.JPG I want to replace night word. i want to make it monthly.

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    Please increase the value of max_input_vars to 2000 (value greater than the currently required limit).
    You can set this variable's value from php.ini or .htaccess file on your server.

    Please visit https://jannah.helpscoutdocs.com/article/7-how-to-increase-the-php-max-input-vars for better understanding of how to do this.

    We recommend you to please contact to your host provider (if any) to do this.


  • when i going to translate this warning shows
    Warning! Your PHP configuration limits the maximum number of fields allowed in a form 1000 for max_input_vars.
    Please ask your hosting provider to increase this limit to 1222 at least, or you will have to edit the translation files.
    please tell me how i solve it

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    We recommend you to do this by translating the texts which is required to be translated.
    Once translated, those texts will start showing the translated text in the corresponding language.

    Please follow these steps to do the translations.

    • Go to the Localization Tab and select Translation in the drop-down

    • Select the Translation fields i.e. where you want to make the translation. select Hotel Theme in the theme section and choose desired language in the language section and click in Modify

    • Now you will see the translatable texts under the related pages. You can here translate your desired text as translation texts for your selected language.

    • After translations, at the front-end translated text will be displayed as per the selcetd language of the customer.

    In case you want to change the texts directly to the files then -
    Below are the files where you can directly change the texts

    Note :: Please clear the cache from Advance Parameters -> Performance tab once after above changes. Please visit https://prnt.sc/lvyhv9 for more details.