Presenting QloApps 1.5.0: driven by innovation inspired by users

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    You do the business, we will do the innovation.
    In the latest version of QloApps, you will like the design but will love the usability as we have added everything that you need.
    QloApps 1.5.0 has a better frontend design with a better order cancellation process for both Admin and Users.
    We have also improved the APIs in this version. Apart from that, you can create different refund rules (refund policies) for different hotels and group-wise feature price rules.

    There are major changes in the orders management too. Now you can edit the order additional amenities, initiate refunds, and much more.

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    Here is the changelog:



    Added Features:

    [ + ] CO: QloApps APIs are created (Prestashop APIs are modified as per hotel QloApps changes)
    [ + ] CO : is_advance_payment column is added in the 'cart' table.
    [ + ] CO : is_advance_payment, advance_paid_amount columns are added in the 'orders' table.
    [ + ] CO : id_transaction, payment_mode, refunded_amount, by_admin columns are added in the 'order_return' table.
    [ + ] CO : id_order_return_detail, id_htl_booking, refunded_amount columns are added in the 'order_return_detail' table.
    [ + ] CO : send_email_to_customer, send_email_to_superadmin, send_email_to_employee, send_email_to_hotelier, denied, refunded, module_namecolumns are added in the 'order_return_state' table. [ + ] **CO** :customer_template, admin_templatecolumns are added in the 'order_return_state_lang' table. [ + ] **CO** :id_htl_booking` column is added in the 'order_slip_detail' table.
    [ + ] CO : Refund emails will be sent to the customer as per return state setting
    [ + ] CO : All images link are now generated dynamically

    [ + ] FO: Room type refund policies in the policies tab is shown in the room type details page.
    [ + ] FO: A controller will be there for the customer which will show his refund requests info

    [ + ] BO : Admin can enable/disable refund for the hotel
    [ + ] BO : Refund Process:: Order return statuses improved for order refund statuses.
    [ + ] BO : Admin can select rules for the hotel [ c heckboxes]
    [ + ] BO : Admin can initiate refund if refund is enable for the system
    [ + ] BO : Admin can select which state is considered as refunded complete in the return state.
    [ + ] BO : Admin can select which state is considered as refunded denied in the return state.
    [ + ] BO: Admin can select which email will be sent to the customer and admin for the return state.

    [ + ] BO: Feature Price Rule: Groups wise Condition in feature price rules is added.
    [ + ] BO : Global refund policies cms page can be selected from refund rules controller.
    [ + ] BO : Refund can be enabled/disabled globally from refund rules controller.
    [ + ] BO : Payment mode and transaction id can be saved for the refund.
    [ + ] BO : Voucher slip can be generated for refund.
    [ + ] BO : Credit slip can be generated for refund.
    [ + ] BO : Additional facilities can be edited at the time of order editing.
    [ + ] BO : Room type features images are used as jpg images in place of png images.

    Improved/changed features:

    [ * ] BO : Refund Process:: Order return statuses improved for order refund statuses.
    [ * ] BO: In the Additional Facilities list no price will be shown if the facility has advance options.
    [ * ] BO: Admin will be able to select a checkout date while changing the status of the room from the order details page.
    [ * ] BO : Hotel category will be selected Default room type category.
    [ * ] BO : In Room type renderlist hotel(instead of category), city, number rooms, adults, Childs columns added.
    [ * ] BO : Merchandise Return tab is removed.
    [ * ] BO : Room type ids now start room type id from 1 in room type render list.
    [ * ] BO: Prestashop warning pop up will not be shown during module installation for Webkul modules.
    [ * ] BO : Updated addons link from store to addon's page
    [ * ] BO : Added recomended image size for room type images for appropriate view on front end.

    [ * ] FO: Calendar Design is improved of date from and date to in QloApps.
    [ * ] FO: 'Proceed' button during checkout will be disabled in case of errors while checkout.
    [ * ] FO : Search panel is improved on all pages.
    [ * ] FO : Cart warning text changed
    [ * ] FO : Refund request process is improved for the customer. Designed is also improved.

    [ * ] CO : paypal adaptive module (by webkul) Removed completely from qloapps
    [ * ] CO: All the irrelevant data creation from the installation process is removed Which is not related to Qloapps but Prestashop. e.g carriers, stores, suppliers, manufacturers...... etc. Order data will not be populated now.

    [ * ] CO : For refund request "order_return" and "order_return_detail" tables are used.
    [ * ] CO : For order refund states "order_return_states" table is used.

    Bug/Issues Resolved:

    [ - ] BO: FIXED: The room does not free even after room status set to checkout.
    [ - ] BO: FIXED: The room does not free while order status is changed to Refunded, Cancelled, or Payment Error.
    [ - ] BO: FIXED: Additional facilities price id not managed while deleting a booking from the admin order details page.

    [ - ] FO : FIXED: when using advance payment option, discount voucher (amount) get applied to the advance payment amount along with the total order cost
    [ - ] FO: FIXED: If all rows are disabled then also blocks (Interior, Rooms, Features, Testimonials) are visible on the home page.
    [ - ] FO: FIXED: Zipcode error while making the guest check.
    [ - ] FO : FIXED : Issue while creating a customer/guest from checkout page on firefox browser.
    [ - ] FO: FIXED: Check-out date same as check-in date when current data is more than max order date for hotel
    [ - ] FO : FIXED : customer able to process booking for inactive rooms
    [ - ] FO : FIXED : Image stretch issue on product page.
    [ - ] FO : FIXED : Cart page not update when delete from from cart dropdown
    [ - ] FO: FIXED: While making the guest check out the system shows zip code error in some countries.

    [ - ] CO : FIXED : Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'ImagickException' while creating invoice.
    [ - ] CO : FIXED : warning while creating invoice (total demands variable issue)

  • Great work!

    Is there anywhere a manual how to upgrade from v1.4.1 ?

    Thanks a lot!

  • Global Moderator

    Currently, there is no way to update the version. You will have to install the new version and remove the old one.

    But we are working on the "upgrade module" which will be launched within this month. With the help of this month, you will be able to update your QloApps version.

    But please note: when you will update your QloApps version with the help of an update module any customization done on the system will be lost.
    So will have to backup all the customizations before updating the version.

  • Good day

    delete a running system with all bookings, clients, client accounts and configurations to make an update?

    Sorry, but I have no word for that....

    But thanks for your reply.

    Kind regards

  • Global Moderator

    No, it is not like that.

    If you use the upgrade module that we are making then there will no data loss.

    And if you decide to do it without the module before we release it then you should make migrate the data from older QloApps to new.

    But yes, there is a chance of data loss. So we recommend you to wait for the upgrade module. It will not take much time.

  • @Faiz said in Presenting QloApps 1.5.0: driven by innovation inspired by users:

    But we are working on the "upgrade module" which will be launched within this month.


    where can I find the "upgrade module"?

    Kind regards

  • Global Moderator

    We are still working on it. We will inform you about it soon.

  • @Faiz Hi there, any news about the module?
    Kind regards

  • Global Moderator

    Hello @IBS
    The release of the module is delayed due to security reasons.
    We desire to make all our modules and the system as secure as we can.
    We are working on the module so please expect the release by the end of November.