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    @strangisgroup the reply was late because we were setting up the forum. Understanding each and every bit of it. Now, the replies will be made as soon as possible. Please feel free to raise any of your queries, we can assure you of fast replies now.

  • Hi Faiz, I am told of what you want to tell me even if completely free the problem persists on the system in which we do not have a manual to refer to in the steps and the forum and very slow in responding we speak that at least in 24 hours you should have a answer even in public and not in private chat instead of my domanada to today have passed well over 100 hours unfortunately those who need not know where to find an answer or a method this is very unpleasant even if a nice system and I would be sorry not to help you

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    Yes, it is too early for the community to respond. And all the issues will be answered by moderators as soon as possible.
    The main purpose of the forum is to serve the community, and answering queries in personal chat will defeat the purpose.
    The topic or issue should be brought into the public domain so that everyone is benefited from it. That is why the chat is disabled.

  • How can the administrator not answer the question if no one is present? and disable chat without giving a valid help? since the forum is too early to have community responses?