• Hi,
    When type something on the location text box in the search panel in home screen, Is there any way to visualize the hotels rather putting in to the drop down list. customers could not even see the changes even they type something different in the location text box. If customers can see as a list / grid view on the home screen with respect to the location text box data. It would be nicer.

    An also hotels are not loading properly while changing the data in location text box below scenario.

    1. type city on location text box. data loading to hotel drop down correctly.
    2. type different city again in the location text box where that city not having any hotels. But previous data shown in the hotel drop down.
      simply can I know autocomplete is working fine on the system ?

    Can you please give me update regarding on this. Thank you.

  • Global Moderator

    Hi @ehand
    Currently, in the default flow of QloApps, you will have to choose the hotel name from from the drop-down.
    But this can be customized.
    Please raise a new ticket to discuss more: https://chatwhizz.com/user/conferences