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    Welcome the QloApps v1.3.0
    With QloApps v1.3.0 we have tried to address some of the major issues raised by our clients and the community itself.
    The biggest accomplishment of this version is that QloApps is now compatible with PHP 7. We are calling this a big accomplishment because this issue was frequently raised by our clients and the community and we faced queries on daily basis.
    The other problem we have tried to solve is frequent errors during the installation due to configuration compatibility.
    Earlier our compatibility checks were not as rigorous as we have made them now. In our previous versions, the installation might start with the incompatible server configurations and give errors on proceeding stages.
    But now, if your server configurations are not compatible then the installation will not kick off hence avoiding any kind of perplexing situation.
    We have also empowered our users with the choice of installing demo data or not. We included the demo data in the installation just to provide a basic introduction of the software and how things will appear at the back-end. But many of our users complained about it and considered the demo data as unwanted. Ergo we have now given this choice to our users whether they want to install demo data or not.
    Our aim with this release is to address and resolve our users' major issues.
    We hope for the feedback from our users and the community.
    You can download QloAppsv1.3.0 here

    Change Log

    Added Features:

    [+] CO: Qloapps is compatible with PHP 7

    Improved/changed features:

    [+] CO: "create demo data or not" option improved for Qloapps demo data.
    [+] CO: System compatibility check for Qloapps installation improved.

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    Please do not enable the dev mode in QloApps if you are installing it on PHP version 7.x.x as it is giving some issue during installation.