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    If 2020 is future then we are ready for it.
    This is our first release of the year with some heavyweight changes.

    Now you can give hotel wise permission to your employees. These employees will see and manage only the hotels that are assigned to them.

    There are some drastic improvements in the additional facility feature. Now the additional facilities are taxable.

    You can now offer your guests additional services on per day basis.

    Most of all, now admin can also upsell these additional facilities for on-desk bookings.

    There is a major update in the order section as well. Now when you change the order status to check out then the inventory will be updated.

    Click here for more details: https://qloapps.com/qlo-reservation-system/
    Click here to download: https://qloapps.com/download/

    Here is the changelog:




    Added Features:

    [+] BO : Hotel wise employee permission management is added. now admin can give permission to his employees according to the specific hotel selections

    [+] BO : Additional facility : functionality is added at backoffice order creation process also.
    [+] BO : Additional facility : Tax can be applied on additional facilities.
    [+] BO : Additional facility : Per day price calculation option is added.[Price will be calculated on per day basis of the booking or for entire date range of the booking]
    [+] BO : Order Confirmation Email : Now admin can set to whom order confirmation email will be sent from Preferences -> orders tab.
    [+] CO : displayNavigationBottomHook hook added "hotelcommerce/modules/blockuserinfo/nav-xs.tpl".

    Improved/changed features:

    [ * ] FO : Address details on Order details page is changed. Only details (name, email and mobile number) will be shown which we are showing to the customer at checkout page
    [ * ] FO : Address will not be shown to the customer while checkout process. edit link also removed from "Guest Information" section at checkout page.

    [ * ] BO : Option to delete one room in two default created rows in while saving rooms of the room type.
    [ * ] BO : unit price fields removed from backoffice room type creation page.

    [ * ] CO : blocknavigationmenu : Navigaion menu improved. All links are dynamic now.
    [ * ] CO : wkfooterexploreblock module is removed. All functionalities are merged with blocknavigationmenu module.
    [ * ] CO : Orders will be splitted now hotelwise. A new order will be created for each hotel.
    [ * ] CO : Trademark and powered by changed to webkul (from presatshop).
    [ * ] CO : Correct single quotes and double quotes of Class HotelBookingDetail.php
    [ * ] CO : Installed paypal module by prestashop by default while QloApps installation.
    [ * ] CO : Translations are improved.

    Bug/Issues Resolved:

    [ - ] BO : Resolved : Room does not free even after room status set to checkout.
    [ - ] BO : Resolved : Infinite loop on Room type page while loading Booking Information tab.
    [ - ] BO : Resolved : Book now page showing error when current date is last date of the month.
    [ - ] BO : Resolved : Image is not showing while feature update (Catalog->features) and issue while updating feature.

    [ - ] CO : Resolved : As theme name was "hotel-theme". So on saving theme translations a new theme directory "hotel-theme" is created and translations are saved in this directory. now "hotel-theme" is replaced with "hotel-reservation-theme".
    [ - ] CO : Resolved : Feature price plans not working. [ Create two plans one for sunday and other for saturday. At the moment it's only showing the change/increase on Saturdays not Sundays. If I unable Saturdays it is showing the price change on Sundays and not Saturdays.
    [ - ] CO : Resolved : Order status is 'Payment Error' if payment is done by advance payment with real payment gateways.

    [ - ] FO : Resolved : blockcart and blocknavigationmenu modules swaps randomly at displayTop hook.
    [ - ] FO : Resolved : Disable dates of last room will be saved for all previous rooms while saving rooms of a room type.
    [ - ] FO : Resolved : Rooms are not visible when changing minimum price in filter by price.
    [ - ] FO : Resolved : Null quantity issue when check-in date and check-out dates are the same. When the date_from and the date_to passed in the URL parameter are identical they are accepted in the entries (Check-In Date & Check-out Date) on the room type detail page. Once we click on Book now pop up with "Null quantity" message appears.

  • @Faiz Thanks

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    Hi @melamanehermanus
    Yes, currently the docker image is not updated as there were some issues. But we are working on it and will update it as soon as possible.

  • Hey @Faiz , is there a dockerized version of 1.4.1? I see the dockerized version is way too outdated?

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    Hi @addmakes02
    The system is compatible with PHP version - 7.3. & Mysql - 8.0

  • This is supported upto, which version of php and mysql

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    Hello @rajfartyal
    Currently, you will have to fresh install the new version and remove the old version.
    But please note that this will lead to data loss.
    So if you have a live website and do not want to lose data then you can opt for our QloApps Upgrade Package

    In this plan, we will update your QloApps without data loss.

    Also, we are working on a module that will update your system automatically. But we cannot quote a time frame when that module will be ready.

  • @Faiz how we can upgrade 1.4.0 to 1.4.1