• Hey guys,

    can you help with the DB structure. I am trying to find out how the hotel location table (Table: Category) is linked with hotels and their rooms. I see there is Category, Categoty_lang (which is where the hotel location is stored), Category_product, category_shop tables.

    I see that Hotel location is stored in the category_lang table, with hotels as well. I wanna know how it pulls the hotel categories from the hotel dropdown when one clicks the submit button. I tried to pass the city_cat_id as a category but it doesn't find the hotels. as far as I understand these are all stored in the category_lang table.

    Thanks in advance 🙂

  • @Sumit I have already figured it out, thanks. I am customizing the the front page to only use the hotel location search textbox and remove the hotel dropdown. I followed the process as per this question I asked a few weeks ago -> https://forums.qloapps.com/topic/258/pass-parameters-to-the-categorycontroller

    This is now fixed. thanks

  • Global Moderator

    We somehow used Prestashop search flow for our search.
    Prestashop links its products to the category(or categories). So if I want to list all products of that category I can search it with the category id.

    We use products as room types in QloApps.
    We use Hotel, City, State, Country as a category in QloApps.

    So If we need to list the room types belongs to any category (Hotel, City, State, Country) we can group and list them as they are linked.

    So this how we used categories for our search process in QloApps.

    I tried to pass the city_cat_id as a category but it doesn't find the hotels
    You need to follow a process to get room types with a category id (category id of Hotel or City or State or Country).
    We need to check how you are doing this. So can you tell us this in detail.