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    We are pleased to announce the release of QloApps v1.2.0, the new and better version of QloApps.
    The team is always to dedicate to serve the hospitality industry. And to do so we decided to make QloApps better.
    You can Download it here.

    What's New!

    Added Features:

    CO : Qloapps is now GDPR compatible (changes are made in Qloapps according to Qloapps GDPR module).

    CO : wkfooterpaymentblock :: Created a controller where admin will be able to create payment Blocks.

    CO : wkfooterpaymentblock :: Admin will be able to enter Name , image and status of the payment block.

    CO : wkfooterpaymentblock :: Admin will be able to position the payment blocks and payment image blocks will be shown to the customer as per their positions.

    CO : Qloapps version compliancy code added for modules' installation

    FO : On contact us page, design is changed.

    FO : On contact us page contact header, contact content, global address are now dynamic. Enter values from AdminGeneralSettingsController.

    BO : Configuration to show/hide only one active hotel is added in location search panel in Hotel General Settings.

    Improved/changed features:

    CO : Missing multilang fields added where needed in Qloapps.

    CO : Tax name will be shown in the invoices now. (For GST purposes) - (enable tax breakdown is mandatory)

    CO : logo.gif needed in the modules (module author:webkul)

    CO : Removed prestashop from all the pages and emails of Qloapps.

    CO : Changed all links of Qloapps according to the qloapps.com.

    CO : Stopped sending info to prestashop while installation.

    BO : Seperate configuration panel is made for location search panel in Hotel General Settings.

    Bug/Issues Resolved:

    CO : Resolved :: Theme compilation issue on ajax while Qloapps installation

    CO : Resolved :: Notice on Calls to functions Product::getProducts() in wkhoteleoom and Product::getSimpleProducts() in HotelHelper.php while installation of Qloapps.[Trying to get property of non-object]

    CO : Resolved :: hotelreservationsystem - Parent:: replaced with parent:: in classes/hotelHotelBranchInformation.php which was creating problems in installation.

    CO : Resolved :: RecursiveDirectoryIterator::__construct(/var/www/html/themes/hotel-theme/): failed to open dir While installation.

    BO : Resolved :: hotelreservationsystem:: Hotel images not saved while saving hotel details.

    BO : Resolved :: hotelreservationsystem - $max_phone_digit is undefined issue resolved on hotel creation form.

    BO : Resolved :: hotelreservationsystem:: HotelBookingDetail.php : phone number sent as string '0987654321'from 0987654321. Giving error while installing Qloapps with php7.0.0 .

    BO : Resolved :: wktestimonialblock:: Error while saving or updating testimonials by admin.

    BO : Resolved :: array_column is removed from AdminProductController [php version compatibility issue].