Managing Number of Room available with out specific "Room number and Floor"

  • Hello,

    Currently, the software has an option to configure a given room type by adding a new room with there specific room number and floor number.

    I run into an issue when let's say we have 10+ rooms for a given room type. We have to add and give a specific room number for all of the room. When the number of rooms increases we can see how this will start becoming painful.

    Is there any way to manage the number of rooms available for a room type by simply putting the number of rooms in integer value? without adding their room number and floor number?


  • Global Moderator

    Hi @mikimaine
    Right now the default functionality is exactly the way you described. That means you will have to add a room at a time in a room type then enter its room number and floor.
    But what you are asking is also achievable through customization. Which will be a Paid Service.
    So if you want to for it then please raise a ticket so that we can have a one on one discussion.