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    I work in a rising platform for hotel booking. Our hotels need to be booked through our website but they don't use any other channel managers than the ones they already have. My question is: if we would work with you, how does the hotel interact with your platform? How do we interact with the hotels and how does the client book his hotel? Does the client stay on our website until the end of the transaction or is there any redirection to Booking or Expedia etc?

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    @varo-varo Hi,

    The interaction of the Hotelier is very simple with QloApps. QloApps launches their website and enables them to take and manage online bookings.
    In the process of hotel booking, the client is not redirected to any other platform or OTA.
    QloApps is an independent platform and is sufficient for the hotel booking process and it does not integrate with any other platforms hence if you already have a website then integrating QloApps with it will not be an option.
    What you can do is, you can install QloApps on the subdomain and put a " Book Now" button on your website. When a client clicks the " Book Now" button he will be redirected to QloApps and there he can complete his booking.