• I see and like Qlo marketplace.
    But on vendor menu "Booking & Stats" vendor only can see not to edit when a room is available or not for some period. I think vendor will want to can put some rooms that are not available for soe days because he make booking offline.
    Also i want to know is it possible to connect his offline and booking in qlo marketplace - for example with qlo Chanel manager or if he use Qlo for his booking and website to connect and updataes availability in Qlo marketplace?

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    Hello @pt1pp
    Yes, it can be done. But it will be a paid service. So please raise a ticket so that we can discuss it further.

  • Qlo is single hotel management. the hotel can install and use in the hotel. Qlo have bokking module which update automatically availability of the room on hotel site

    In the net is other qlo marketplace . Hotel want to present his hotel there. Can hotel connect his Qlo with Qlo marketplace to participate there too? Is it possible his (single) Qlo to update room availability in Qlo marketplace using API or other way?

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    @pt1pp said in QLO Marketplace room vendor management:

    (Qlo is in his comp and vendor account is in other server where is Qlo marketplace installed)?

    I did not get what exactly you are asking. Please explain your query so that I can answer you.

    When a customer books his room from the QloApps Website whether that room is from the admin's hotel or the seller (vendor)'s hotel, that perticular room will become unavailable in the selected date.

  • is it mean that if someone use Qlo for his booking in his hotel his vendor account in Qlo market will be update automatically (Qlo is in his comp and vendor account is in other server where is Qlo marketplace installed)?

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    The availability of the room is managed automatically in QloApps. So if a booking has been done for a date range then the room will become unavailable for that date range.
    In the case when the booking happens offline then the seller can decrease the quantity of room type from his panel.
    But right now there is no option by which the seller can create a booking in his system.
    If you want then we can add it as a Paid Customization. Please raise a ticket for more discussion.