How to edit the front end to fit in with my current website

  • Hi there, I've been working on a simple static Bed and Breakfast page in bootstrap for my parents B&B and was looking for some easy to use booking software to help them out manage room reservations. I have installed the app on my local webserver and started looking around. the back end is fairly nice but it seems to have totally broken my static website. Is there any way to link my current static design with the booking software. I want people to basically land on my own build website and when they pick a date use that info to go straight to the checkout page. Is there any way to disable your front end? I don't need to search for a hotel because at this time there is only one "hotel with only 1 room" this may change in the future but I would build a seperate site per "hotel/ Bed and Breakfast" in the future.. Any help would be welcome. Also I am not very sure if the copy I am building at the moment on my localhost will ever run once I copy it to a live webserver because things had to be installed. I am a very noobish web developer teaching myself as I go as a hobby so bear with me on this one.. Thanks in advance.

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    Hi @Kevin,
    We will have to make one on one discussion on this issue. So I request you to raise a ticket on

  • @Faiz It would be a nice oppertunity to get some extra features into the app.. I love how it works so far I would just want to get the front end hook ups sorted so we can all use it even on smaller projects. Don't get me wrong the current front end is working on my server aswell as account creation for costumers I just want to hook the check out pages to my own website button so they can book. The only downside I saw currently is that we would need to pay for visa/mastercard support. Is that a one time fee for that module or is it yearly?

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    To take payment from credit cards from your website you will need to integrate payment gateway to your system.
    The integration cost one-time payment.
    Can you please inform me which module are you talking about here. So that I can assist you further.

  • The payment module is not the issue at the moment. We will install it after we confirm that we can use the reservation system on our own website.. The issue at the moment is after the app is installed on the server it creates its own front end page for the hotel. I want to be able to integrate the hotel selection and date into my own written html site(with a bootstrap framework). In this way people can select a date for our one room hotel and use those dates to land on your checkout page (without the hotel star rating and the search option) I think the option to edit the logo and color of this page already but it would be awesome if we could edit the css for this manually) I hope this addresses the issue a bit more.

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    Hello @Kevin
    We are discussing your requirement on the ticket system. We have replied you there so please continue the discussion there only.

  • raised the ticket on the same url , was facing the same issue. nobody replied yet 😐 9Appsapk VidMate apk 9Apps

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    Hi @smithclarkson01 Can you please share the ticket number.

  • Well it certainly depends on how the website is constructed and what you intend to do with it and how you expect it to work.

    I'm going to speak generally and assume that you can use google and to find resources on your own OS.

    To get a copy of a rendering of a website you must find a web content scraper. This can be made difficult by websites that run on platforms with a cookie based login token but it can be done. That would get you the html and css and hopefully maybe even fetch the linked scripts, as well as downloading and placing any linked images. However if this page was generated by a server using something like PHP. If that is the case there is no way to replicate the functionality. shareit