• Global Moderator

    We are very delighted to present the new version of QloApps i.e. QloApps v1.4.0
    This time we have come up with some exciting features that were awaited by many of our community members.
    Now you can upsell your services by offering additional paid services with your room types.
    The Room type page has a new attractive design making your website even more alluring to the customers.
    Then we have improved Localization features and some security fixes.
    Furthermore, QloApps is compatible with MySQL 5.7

    Change Log

    Added Features:

    CO: Additional facilities functionality is added.
    CO: Almost all updates added to QloApps till the Prestashop version

    Improved/changed features:

    CO : Tools::generateHtaccess() improved
    CO : ($round = true) parameter added in Tools::convertPriceFull()
    CO : Localization updated
    CO : mails/en/product_download.txt bug resolved
    CO : swiftMailer version updated to 5.2.2
    CO : translations updated
    CO : config/config.inc.php improved (smarty early inclusion)
    CO : config/smarty.config.inc.php improved (smartyHook() return improved)
    CO : Security: Use Mcrypt’s CBC mode instead of the ECB mode.
    CO: Almost all improvements/changes feature added to QloApps till the
    Prestashop version
    BO: All Stats Module compatible with QloApps
    FO: Room type details Page Design improved

    Bug/Issues Resolved:

    CO: Almost all bugs resolved in QloApps till the Prestashop version
    CO: Resolved:: QloApps Compatible with MySQL 5.7