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    We are pleased to announce that our QloApps Channel Manager is released today.

    QloApps Channel Manager is a centralized SaaS-driven software that helps hoteliers to get hassle-free synchronization of property & booking details (availability, rates, inventory) with your preferred OTA channels like Booking, Expedia, etc.

    It will resolve major hotel-industry problems like Over-bookings, Inconsistent Inventory Management, and Missed opportunities.

    Hoteliers can manage the property and booking details (Inventory & Prices) on multiple OTA channels from a single Interface.

    Through QloApps Channel Manager you can perform the following things -

    Highlighted Features:

    • Intuitive, high-performance dashboard

    • Multi-Channel Integration

    • Real-time ARI Synchronize

    • Centralize your inventory

    • One-Click Rate/Inventory update

    • Manage Multiple Hotels

    • Manage Channels Bookings

    • Real-time PMS Synchronization

    • Logs management (Property, Booking, Rates Feeds)

    • Avoid Overbookings & Inconsistent Inventory

    To understand the workflow of our QloApps Channel Manager in-depth, refer to its documentation: https://qloapps.com/qloapps-channel-manager/

    Henceforth, what are you waiting for?

    Grab this wonderful opportunity and Sign Up Now to get 7 days of FREE trial period.

    You can experience the QloApps channel manager interface here: https://channels.qloapps.com/

    If you have any questions, doubts, or concerns, then you can contact us and you can raise a ticket at our support ticket system here or you can mail us at support@webkul.com